This is a another new painting that I finished last week.  I'm starting to prepare for an exhibition that I have coming up in May.  Stay tuned for more details about that.

 Have a great week!


Happy Saturday everyone!  As promised, I wanted to share the second mixed media painting that I completed a couple of weeks ago.  This painting is entitled "The Good Shepherd". 

We recently got rid of an old cupboard where I stored my clothes. I decided to keep the shelves and reuse them for painting. These wood panels are very heavy. It was not possible to paint directly on them as they are covered with a plastic coating.  I covered the panel first with paper to prepare the panel for painting.  The paper adds some great texture which later comes through in the painting.

As with my Moon Goddess painting, I added some bead and fabric elements.  The moon is embellished with pearls and I used a few colored beads to accent his staff.  I added pearls to his cuffs and collar as well.

It's not often that I paint a male figure but, I'm really happy to get practice when they appear on my canvas.  I played around with different color combinations for his skin tone.  I also applied the paint in sections which is a new technique for me.  Sometimes, I find myself holding back when it comes to trying new things, however, I am determined to spread my wings and give myself permission to play.  It is the only way to grow.

I'm off to work on more painting projects and new art dolls. Stay tuned!  What do you have planned for the weekend?

Have a good one!

Art Dolls

I recently put together a short video to showcase my latest art dolls.  I'm not sure if you guys where aware of the fact that I even made them but, I do.  I made my first doll last year and since then, my collection has grown to a total of nine dolls.  I'm working on three new dolls as we speak.

Over the next few weeks, I will post photos of all of the dolls that I have made thus far.  I will also give you a behind the scenes look at how my dolls are made.  Until then, here is a short video showcasing the newest art dolls in my collection.  I hope you enjoy and be sure to stay tuned for more post on my dolls.


Have a great day,



 Last week I started two paintings.  This is one of them, "The Moon Goddess".

This painting is done on a piece of recycled wood.  I'm really interested in the idea of recycling and repurposing items.  It's really fun to give something old a new life.  Besides, I think we consume too much nowadays.  There are so many useful items that  end up in our trash cans that can be turned into fabulous pieces of art.

 I decided to try experimenting by adding a few different elements to the painting.  I've used a pair of old earrings for her hair ornaments.  And the moons surrounding her were accents on an old necklace.

Sometimes I look at the moon and imagine it to be a big pearl in the sky.  I wanted to convey that feeling in the painting so, I used a few pearls to accent the one she is holding in her hand.  She also has a pearl necklace. I sprinkled some glitter in her hair and in the grass so give the painting a glowing effect.  And of course,  I had to add my signature stars in the sky. 

I'll share the second painting that I completed very soon.  Until then, I wish you a wonderful day!  Oh, and before you go to bed tonight, be sure to say goodnight to the Moon Goddess.  

Alles gute, 


Here's my latest Youtube process video for this art journal spread entitled " Keepers Of The Garden".




See you in 2017!



One Badass Art Journal is back for 2017 and I am so thrilled and honored to be apart of it this year!  This art journaling course hosted by the fabulous Tiare Smith, is perfect for art journal lovers and mixed media artist as well.  One BADASS art journal designed to encourage you to embrace your inner BADASS and empower you to create your very own BADASS art journal.

The class will be guided by 14 amazing instructors, including yours truly, who will share some great art journaling and mixed media tips and techniques.  

Follow along on our blog hop to learn more about these amazing and talented artist. 

Kiala Givehand 
Andrea Gomoli 
Pan the Artist -Cristin Chambers -
Yellow Rose Art (Sharon Harkness-Dobler) - 
Effy Wild - 
Tamiko McCurry - 
Tracey Weinzapfel - 

Here's a sneek peek at my tutorial.

I'll show you how to incorporate color and texture into your art journal pages.  We'll explore the concept of storytelling and discover together how intuitive art journaling can be an empowering way to express your inner BADASS.

Class begins on February 6th but, you can SIGN UP now!!! Use the special code URBADASS 
and receive 15% off registration!  I hope to see you there, its going to be BADASS!!!!!!!

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