Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Wednesday! It's been a few weeks since I opened my new Etsy store. I am really happy with my designs and I think the store looks good. However, I haven't made a sale yet. I'm trying not to get discouraged because, I know that these things take time.

One thing that helps me to stay focused is my inspiration board. I keep it in an area in my studio where it is always in view. There are tons of things that inspire me and drive my vision for my life, as well as for my hat designs. I have goals and visions for my life that are long term and some that are short term. I like to keep inspirational quotes and sayings posted in written form on the board as a constant reminder of the goals and visions that I have for myself. Sometimes I like to work on a specific theme for my hat designs. I may collect photos, fabrics and other items to post on the board which inspire my pieces. My inspiration board is ever changing melting pot of ideas.

Since I've started fresh, I really wanted my board to reflect the inspiration behind the new direction, my design focus, and my long and short term goals to achieve success in not only my business but, in my life in general.

This is my board

In the lower left hand corner are photos of my parents. My parents are a huge part of the Yellow Rose concept. I named the shop Yellow Rose because, yellow roses were my moms favorite. After she passed away when I was five years old, my dad planted yellow roses every year in his garden in her memory. My dad passed away last year two weeks before my wedding. I included yellow roses in my wedding theme to honor him. The Yellow Rose label for me is a way to honor my parents and the love that they shared. Yellow roses also indicate a determination to start anew, and to begin afresh. They represent joy, affection and pleasure. These sentiments perfectly reflect the hard work and love that I put into making each and every one of my hats.

The piece of blue fabric which is tacked to my inspiration board is from a dress that belonged to my mother. The dress dates back to the 70's. I used this fabric as a part of the decoration on my bridal bouquet. Besides the photo, it's the only thing that I have which belonged to my mother so, that piece of fabric means alot to me.

Audrey Hepburn, need I say more! Her classic 50's style is a huge inspiration.
The small photos around the top of the board are photo illustrations from Vogue magazine covers. The illustrations show fashions ranging from the 1930's- 40's which reflect my love of vintage fashion.

The quote to the right reads:
Always be a first-rate version of yourself
instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.
Judy Garland

I love this quote about prosperity. It reminds me that prosperity goes beyond money. There are other things which are truly more important.

The dried rose is one from a bouquet that my husband sent me almost 4 yrs ago. His love and support are what keeps me going.

A lovely postcard which I discovered many years ago in a museum represents the classic, vintage bride. My goal is to eventually gear my designs towards the bridal market. I am aware that the bridal market is really saturated but, I believe that I can create some really unique, special pieces for brides. I just have to stay focused and do my own thing, i.e "write my own story"

I'm learning to perfect my flower making techniques. My goal is to make my silk flowers look more realistic. It's taking a bit of practice but, I'm finally getting the hang of the techniques and my flowers are blooming!
The illustration underneath is one of a special order hat that I made for a customer last year. The flowers that I made for this hat really sparked my imagination and I discovered that I have the potential to take my hat designs even further.

Quote reads:
Never forget to dream

What inspires you?


  1. What a lovely and personal post. It really touched my heart. I am inspired by my Grandmother's obsession with jewelry...

  2. Thank you Gloria and I hope that you are always inspired to create!


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