Thursday, September 9, 2010

I just wanted to share a photo of a lovely bouquet of flowers that my neighbor Frau Sammt and her 2 yr. old grandson presented to me yesterday. Sometimes the mail arrives during the time her grandson (Lukas) is sleeping so, they turn off their doorbell so that it doesn't wake him. Their doorbell is really loud and it plays a wide array of tunes, including Amazing Grace. When the delivery man doesn't get an answer he rings me because, I am usually at home and I will gladly receive her packages. I take packages for the other neighbors as well when they are working. Yesterday as my husband and I arrived home after a trip to the grocery store, Frau Sammt and Lukas greeted me at the door of our building with these flowers. It was such a lovely surprise and, a lovely way to say Thank you!

Vielen Dank, Frau Sammt and Lukas!

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