Monday, September 27, 2010

I've successfully completely another German language course! Last week I received my certificate of completion at the B level. The classes begin with level A ,which are classes for beginners and continue through levels B and C which are more advanced classes.

Two years ago when I first arrived in Germany, I enrolled in a language course at the Volkshochschule, or Adult Education Center. It's taken me that long to get a good grasp of the language. I am now able to hold a conversation with native speaking Germans , I am able to go into any shopping establishment and get what I want without just simply pointing to the item. And, I've even visited my doctor alone, which can be scary when a language barrier exist. My husband and I are also speaking more German here at home although, at times I can be lazy and slide back into English. I am mostly thrilled to be able to talk to my mother. For almost a year after I arrived, it was impossible to have a conversation with her because of the language barrier. Now, I can call her up and chat with her whenever I want.

I still have much more of the German language to learn. And, I really have to focus on building my vocabulary. The Germans I find, really enjoy discussing and debating and they use many German expressions or idioms ( Redewendungen) in conversation which leave me totally lost.

I begin the last phase of classes tonight in level C. I can't guarantee that at the end of the 15 week semester I'll be fluent in German, but, I'm well on my way!
Give me another year!

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