Thursday, October 28, 2010

Preston Bailey is undeniably the most talented floral designer in the business today. His work is amazing, inspiring and breathtakingly awesome! Not only is he a talented floral designer, he is also a successful, savvy business man who has been designing weddings and celebrity events for over 30 years.

I've been a Preston Bailey fan for many years, however, I just discovered his blog about a year ago. It has become a daily read for me. Now, I can imagine how busy this man is but, he actually takes the time to write each blog post himself. I find this impressive because, not only is it filled with photos of the amazing weddings and events which he has designed, he also shares helpful business tips and advice with his readers. Although Mr. Bailey is a world renowned floral designer with a multi-million dollar brand, his inspirational and invaluable insight translates to designers in every genre as well as to small business owners. I have already taken away tons of great information from his blog. and begun to implement his advice to help build my business. You should check out the Bailey Blog as well.

These floral sculptures were created by Preston Bailey for New York Fashion Week and were displayed in the New York Public Library.

Photos from Preston


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