Monday, March 28, 2011

When I was first introduced to millinery, I had no idea what the word meant. At the time I was working at a very busy costume shop as a salesperson. This was well over 10 years ago. I was literally thrown into the wonderful world of millinery durning spring show season when the work load for the seamstresses and designers became overwhelming. Joy, my awesome boss at the time, and her talented staff were working on a high school production of the musical Kismet. They had a cast which consisted of over 100 cast members and each one needed a hat or headpiece of some kind.

Before I knew it, I was taken off the sales floor and placed in a tiny corner of the shop with a table, fabrics, a hot glue gun, feathers, de-stash jewelry, and a ton of other do-dads to make headpieces for the show. I quickly discovered that I had a knack for this line of work and, over the years I think I've really grown and developed my skills. Although I still have alot to learn, you can see from the photos of some of my earlier hat projects that I've come a long way.
These hat were made to accompany costumes for various productions. At the time my skills consisted of creatively painting frames, adding ribbon and gluing on silk flowers and trims.

Yeah, I've come a looooong way!

Have a great day!

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