Monday, October 24, 2011
Happy Monday everyone! Last week I was a bit under the weather, allergies, ugh! Thank goodness I started to feel better over the weekend! I felt well enough to take advantage of the gorgeous weather on Saturday so, my husband and I ventured into the city to visit the antique market in Bonn.

The antique market takes place in Bonn four times a year. Vendors from all over Germany sell their vintage treasures here. For the vintage treasure hunter it's a great place to finds jewelry, furniture, silver, clothing, shoes and fabric. Most items are very pricey but, my husband and I did buy a bundle of silver knives. And, I stumbled upon a lovely piece of reasonably priced vintage embroidered tulle. Oh, how I love to find treasure!

(checking out my treasure)

I also found these vintage feathers.

The lady who sold them was very nice. My German is not perfect so, it was nice to deal with someone who spoke English. The feathers are very delicate and, I'm not sure how old they are. I'm told that some of the feathers once graced vintage hats.

The vendor had a few natural colored feathers, black feathers and large and small Ostrich feathers in white. I initially purchased a couple of the small Ostrich feathers and walked away from her booth. After a few steps, I thought it would be nice to have a couple of the larger feathers in my stash for personal projects as well so, I went back to the booth to buy a few. There were only three large feathers left and one of the feathers was broken so, I ended up purchasing just two. As the lady carefully packed my feathers in the bag, she threw in the third feather free because it was broken and she suggested that I just cut it and use it as I wish.
How cool is that!

Looks like I have to wait until next year to continue my treasure hunts on the antique market. This was the last market of the year. This weekend the Hollander Fabric Market is taking place in Oberhausen. There will be over 140 vendors selling fabric, trims and other sewing related items. Last year I found some fabulous trims. I'm so excited to see what treasure awaits me there this year!

Make it a great day!

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  1. I would definitely love this place! And the Fabric Market sounds like a pure dream. :-)


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