I'm Back!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Yes, I know it's been awhile.  It's almost a year since I've updated my blog.  The reason I haven't updated in so long is because, well, I was a tad burned out.  I missed coming here on a regular basis but, I just didn't have the energy anymore.  To be honest, my creative energy was lacking as well.

Although I abandoned my blog for such a long period of time, I have been working hard to keep the creative juices flowing.  Instead of focusing all of my attention on millinery, I decided to re-visit some creative art forms that seemed to get lost along the wayside over the years.

I have been doing alot of sewing.  I've made several dresses for myself over the last year.  I even got an adjustable mannequin and a serger for Christmas so that I can produce a more polished, customized dress.  I've also been playing around with designing and pattern making.  I have to say, I've made some pretty neat things.  I'll post a few pics soon of some of my dressmaking projects.

Over the last few weeks, I decided to break out my sketch pad and my paints and brushes.  I haven't really sketched or painted in years.  It felt really good to be able to express myself with the paints and the pencils again.  

I've finished a couple of paintings that I'm really proud of.  They are both paintings of ladies that have been a great inspiration for me.  These ladies are Billie Holiday and Frida Kahlo.  Both ladies were incredibly talented, and had great style. I love the fact that these ladies were also well known for wearing flowers in their hair, which highlighted their individual style and personality.   

Here are my paintings:

Ode to Billie

Ode to Frida

I decided to make real silk flowers to attach to the canvases.  I think that it adds a nice 3 D effect.

I will be posting on a more regular basis.  I can't promise that I will be posting something everyday, but, I definitely won't be away for another year.  Oh and by the way, Happy New Year!

Make it a great day!


  1. I'm glad you're back. I missed your blog. And those paintings are absolutely gorgeous. You've done both ladies justice. :-) And yay for branching out and rekindling those other creatives flames. Hope you have a great week.

  2. Thanks so much Libby. I hope that you have a great week as well.

  3. The pictures are beautiful! I sent your link to my daughter (who also paints) hoping they will inspire her to pull out her brushes and canvasses. Welcome back!!!

    Also, if you get a chance please check out my blog www.lovepetals36.blogspot.com. Maybe you can give me a few suggestions. Thanks.

  4. Hey Tracy,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm glad that you like my paintings. I hope that you daughter decides to start painting again. Let me know if she does. Have a great day!


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