Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I mentioned in my comeback post that I had recently started art journaling.  I stumbled upon the practice via Instagram.  I follow a couple of amazing mixed media artist who also happen to art journal.

Art journaling is a great way to document your emotions and opinions.  You can also journal things that happen in everyday life or,  perhaps things that are difficult to talk about.

I use my art journal for all of these purposes.  My journal is also a great place for me to try out and practice new art techniques or, to jot down ideas that I have for future projects . The possibilities are endless.

There are tons of art journals out there which one can purchase.  I have two.  This one is a sketch book that I purchased at my local art store.

 At the moment, I just have a few sketches in it.  I will decide later if I want to transfer the sketches onto canvas.

This is an altered journal that I made from an old book.  I use it primarily for practice.

I'm fairly new to art journaling.   There is so much to learn! I am currently enrolled in two art journal classes over at Community Thrive.  In my Intuitive Art Journaling class, we are learning to "pull" the subject matter for our paintings out of an abstract background.  Here is an example of that:

"The Dreamer"
by Sharon Harkness-Dobler

In my Simple Visual Linking course, we are learning how to link two paintings together using lines, color and collage to create one painting.

  This is my first painting using the techniques that I have learned in that class.

"Spread Your Wings and Fly"
by Sharon Harkness-Dobler

 I really enjoy art journaling.   I find it to be an invaluable tool.  Journaling is allowing me to grow and to perfect my art skills through practice.   Someday I'll be able to go back and look through my journals and see just how much I've grown as an artist.  I think that's pretty cool!

Journal soulfully,

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