Wednesday, July 1, 2015
I am a huge tea drinker.  I start my day with a cup and I enjoy having tea while I'm working.   Earlier this year I started having tea with my neighbor and good friend Anita.   We meet every couple of weeks and enjoy a cup of tea, as well as some delicious German "Kuchen" or cake.

When we first started meeting, I didn't own any matching tea cups.  Anita has a beautiful set, and after seeing hers, I really wanted to have a set of my own.  I knew that I wanted something different and unique so, I began searching for a set of plain cups and saucers  that I could paint myself.  Here is the result:                    

I also designed a couple of mugs.

I loved how they turned out so,  I posted a photo of my cups on my  Instagram,  I started receiving inquires from people who were interested in purchasing them.  I listed my "Afro Elegance" tea cups and the mugs in my Etsy shop and they have since become a customer favorite.

I plan to come up with new designs for the cups and mugs.  I  have a few ideas in mind already. If you are interested in purchasing tea cups,  click here to visit my Etsy shop.  Mugs are out of stock at the moment.  I'll be re-stocking them soon.

Have a fabulous day!

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