Tuesday, January 12, 2016
Ever have those days when you just don't have enough time to create?  I know I do.   Last year I decided that I was going to find time, even if it was just five minutes a day to practice my art.  I started a sketchbook of faces.  I set a timer, and ready, set, sketch!  I found this to be very relaxing and I also learned a lot about my process and how I create.  My faces always start out the same but, they eventually take on a life of their own. In just five minutes some interesting characters come to life on the pages of my sketchbook.

Here are a few of my recent five minute faces.

I enjoy creating these faces so much that I now use this method of sketching to warm up before painting or, to wind down on the sofa in the evening after a day of creating in my studio.  My goal is not to sketch a perfect face.  Although I am limited to five minutes, I don't feel any pressure.  I just relax and enjoy the creative process.  Do you have a creative warm up or wind down routine?  

Have a great day!

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