Sunday, February 14, 2016

Minnie Evans

Minnie Evans was a self-taught African American artist.  She was inspired by visions communicated to her from God. Minnie worked as a gate-keeper at Airlie Gardens near Wilmington, North Carolina. She worked with materials she had on hand, usually colored pencils, crayons and notebook paper to create her works of art. Her drawings captured images from nature and the Bible. She was greatly inspired by the garden where she worked.  Her paintings featured plants and flowers, birds and butterflies and winged animals, cornucopias and rainbows, royalty, stars, and angels.

I discovered Minne Evans a few weeks ago while browsing on Pinterest.  I was drawn to her colorful, imaginative and at times complex pieces. She was defiantly an artist with vision.  I am really inspired by the fact that she used what she had.  She used "simple" materials to create masterpieces. Take a moment to enjoy this video documentary about Mrs. Evans. She is such a great inspiration and a great American treasure.,71

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