Friday, September 30, 2016

This week has gone by quickly.  It seems as though the year itself is just breezing by.  I can't believe it's almost October!  I am happy to say that I did manage to get a lot accomplished.  I want to start planning my weeks.  I jotted down a few notes onto some Post Its last weekend which were supposed to help to keep me on track.

 I also found a calendar which was included in a Flow magazine. I like it because you can plan out your week and also write down goals and prioritize.  I'm going to use this to map out next week. This calendar is in French. I don't speak french but, I have another one in German.  My German calendar is missing a few pages so, I just translated the languages.  

I actually did quite well with staying on plan. I felt like I was more organized and, I was able to get stuff done. 

I started my week by finishing up a Christmas commission.  I don't normally do commissions but, this was a special request from a collector who has supported me from the very beginning. Sorry, I can't show the completed illustration but, you won't have to wait until Christmas to see it.  The illustration turned out so well that I plan to make it available in print form and maybe as greeting cards in my Etsy shop in the next week or so.

Tuesday was set aside for painting and, I did just that.  I completed one painting and started a second.  Here is "The Night Watchman" and my mermaid painting.  My mermaid hasn't told me her name yet but, she did tell me her story.  I'll share it with you soon.

Wednesday as you know was Watercolor Wednesday.  It's the day I set aside for watercolor practice.  I was able to film this weeks segment so, head on over to my Youtube channel and check out the video.  

Yesterday I had to run a few errands in the city. I did stop by the art supply store to pick up pastel chalks and a block of Tear-off Palettes.   

It was such a lovely day, when I returned home I decided to set up my studio on the balcony.   I worked in my art/story journal where I finished this spread.

It's Friday and the week is not over yet.  I found some early morning inspiration in the work of artist Marcus Glenn.  I  stumbled upon him a few month ago on Youtube.  His work is awesome and inspiring.  Here's a video showing him at work in his studio. 

 Speaking of working,  I suppose I should get started.  I hope to get some painting done today.  This canvas has been on my easel all week patiently waiting for some attention.  I'll start with it and see where the inspiration leads me.  

That's it for the Week-End Wrap-Up.  I hope you had a wonderful week and I wish you a fabulous weekend!

Alles gute!


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