Sunday, November 27, 2016

I haven't always been a nature lover.  However, when I moved to Germany almost 9 years ago, I feel immediately in love with the landscapes here.  Germany has so much green space, even in the cities.   My husband and I went to Bayern over the summer to hike.  We hiked up three mountains, something I never imagined myself doing!  The views were amazing and I was inspired!

This past year I've noticed that along with tea cups, landscapes have become an integral part of my work. Because my paintings are created intuitively, I never really paid attention to how often landscapes appear in my work.  

"Hedge Of Protection" 
"Homeward Bound"

"Sitting With The Moon"

"The Garden Of Phenomenal Women"

This is my most recent painting featuring landscapes.  It's called "Balance".

I spent last week just  focusing on landscapes.  I would like to try to interpret them using other mediums besides paint.  These two painting studies are still in the experimental stages but, I really like where they are going.  I've been playing around with fabric, paper, found materials and of course, glitter.

I've also been playing around in my sketchbook with some ideas which I will bring to canvas one I feel more comfortable with my process.  I'm really excited about what could be a new direction for me.  I can already imagine a series of these sweet little paintings.   

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